Shark Tank

This overachiever's resume is the stuff of dreams. And all he has to show for it is a card game.


Phil Black has quite the resume. He's in the tank to pitch FitDeck, an exercise-based card game, and the Sharks could not be more impressed... with his career path.

Black says the idea for FitDeck came from a push-up card game (then known as 'P.U.G.') that he invented while a student at Yale University. After P.U.G. became a "campus-wide sensation at Yale," Black took a quick detour after graduation as an investment banker at none other than Goldman Sachs.

But Black's high-achiever journey didn't stop there. He then "came to his senses" and spent six years as a Navy Seal! Once again, P.U.G. reigned supreme -- this time among his Navy pals who, despite having the best fitness practices at their disposal, preferred Black's card game.

If all that wasn't impressive enough, the Sharks are then flabbergasted when they learn Black followed his Navy career by enrolling in Harvard Business School!

Black's accomplishments are enough to make us (and the Sharks) rightly wonder: "What have I done with my life?"