For the first time in nearly 20 years, Subway stores are getting a major redesign

Subway's new store redesign
Key Points

Subway is doing something it hasn't done in almost two decades. It's doing a major redesign of its restaurants.

The sandwich shop revealed Monday that it will be ditching the rustic brick and subway car design that has long been associated with the chain.

The new concept, which utilizes brighter colors, sleeker furniture and better lighting, is an attempt by the company to improve guest experience. The hope is that Subway's new spaces will be more inviting to consumers and more technologically savvy.

"It's not cluttered," Trevor Haynes, Subway's vice president of operations, told CNBC. "And I think that's what people are looking for, they are looking for simplicity."

Subway's new design will be incorporated in all future buildings and remodels starting this year, although Haynes said that the majority of remodels will begin in 2018. About 85 locations in North America are in the process of rolling out these new designs.

The financial burden of this redesign will fall predominantly on franchisees, but Haynes said the company is offering incentives and "competitively priced packages" to help with the cost. He also said that many franchisees have embraced the new restaurants' look and have eagerly begun revamping their locations.

Here's what all future and revamped Subway locations will look like in the future:

Crisp and clean

Haynes said that the company took inspiration from the fresh vegetables that it serves when it came to the bright and bold colors of its new stores.

The chain has always utilized yellow, green and white in its locations, but for this redesign, the goal was to create a sleeker, more inviting space for its customers to "dwell."

Subway's new dining design

Bright and inviting

Haynes said that lunch traffic is heavy and most customers choose to grab and go rather than stay and eat. However, in the early mornings, afternoons and evenings, diners are more likely to sit and eat.

Subway's new stores have incorporated charging stations and Wi-Fi in its dining spaces so that folks are more inclined to remain in the restaurant.

Subway's new dining design

Fresh vegetable display

Subway's new restaurants will now incorporate a vegetable display behind the counter. While the chain has been cutting its vegetables in the restaurant for more than 50 years, it seems customers had no clue.

Haynes said it was important for the company to showcase that all of the produce was prepared at the restaurant. He said that this addition "really elevated the perception of the food."

Subway's fresh vegetable display

Ordering kiosks

Part of Subway's big redesign includes incorporating more technology in the in-store experience. The company has added digital ordering kiosks to these stores so that customers who are in a rush don't have to wait in line to design their perfect sandwich.

Don't worry, these new kiosks won't cause hiccups for those who want to pick and choose their toppings at the counter. The company has created a second prep station in the back of the restaurant to handle all kiosk and delivery meals.

Subway's digital ordering kiosks

New menu items

In addition to the new restaurant design, Subway will be adding new menu items. Expect to see pico de gallo, gluten-free bread and a "more robust coffee offering," among other things, at these stores.

Subway's redesigned front counter