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Even more AT&T customers are getting free access to HBO

Key Points
  • AT&T Unlimited Choice customers get a free subscription to HBO with their phone plans.
  • The addition is another benefit of the upcoming AT&T and Time Warner merger, which is expected to close this year.
Even more AT&T customers are getting free access to HBO

AT&T Unlimited Choice customers can now get a subscription to HBO as part of their plan.

The company announced on Tuesday on a blog post its Unlimited Choice customers would get access to the premium cable and satellite network. The subscription — which costs $60 a month, with additional discounts for people who have multiple phone lines on the same account — includes unlimited data, talk and texting capabilities. For an additional $10, customers can get access to DIRECTV NOW's "Live a Little" plan, which includes more than 60 lives streaming channels and 25,000 on demand titles.

Unlimited Choice customers who currently subscribe to AT&T's video services like DIRECTV, DIRECTV NOW or U-verse TV will get HBO for free. If they don't use the services, they will get HBO through DIRECTV NOW and HBO GO apps.

The deal is likely a sign of things to come from the upcoming AT&T — Time Warner merger. AT&T agreed to purchase Time Warner for $85 billion in October 2016.

Previously, only AT&T Unlimited Plus subscribers got HBO for free. The plan — which starts at $100 with DIRECTV NOW and $115 with DIRECTV — includes unlimited data, talk, text and smartphone tethering capabilities, as well as upgrade options and a $25 video credit.