Shark Tank

Five out of five Sharks agree: Jimmy Kimmel should stick with his day job

Jimmy Kimmel is a man of many talents, but with two less than stellar showings on Shark Tank, launching a business might not be one of them. Points for tenacity, though!

The Jimmy Kimmel Live! host previously presented the tank with a line of comfortable, fashionable and business casual Horse Pants, which if you haven't already guessed, are pants made for horses. It should come as no big surprise that the Sharks weren't thrilled. But you know what they say: If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

So fasten your Sharkbelts, Jimmy's back with The Kid Cone, a full-size, wearable traffic safety cone for kids and he brought his pal Guillermo to lend a hand.

See if you get swept up in The Kid Cone's origin story, and if Jimmy has better luck this time around in the tank.

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