Janet Yellen dodges question about her future as Fed chair

Key Points
  • Fed Chair Janet Yellen does not answer whether she will serve beyond her current term.
  • President Donald Trump says he has not made a decision on who will serve as Fed chair when Yellen's term expires next February.
  • Trump has said he "respects" Yellen.
Yellen: I have not had a further meeting with President Trump

Fed Chair Janet Yellen would not say Wednesday if she knew whether President Donald Trump will reappoint her as head of the central bank.

"I have said that I intend to serve out my term as chair and that I'm really not going to comment on my intentions beyond that," Yellen told reporters following the Fed's two-day policy meeting. "I will say that I have not had a further meeting with President Trump. I met with him early in my term and I've not had a further meeting with him."

Yellen did have breakfast with the president's daughter and advisor, Ivanka, in July. It is unclear what the pair discussed.

Yellen's term as chair expires in February. The president has said he is considering her for another term.

"I like her and I respect her, but I haven't made that decision yet," Trump told reporters earlier this month.

Trump has said he considered choosing his top economic advisor Gary Cohn to lead the Fed after Yellen. However, Trump soured on Cohn following his criticism of the president's response to violence at a white supremacist rally last month.

About 38 percent of respondents to the CNBC Fed Survey this month expect Trump to reappoint Yellen.

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