Shark Tank

How Barbara Corcoran helped keep this all-natural deodorant company from becoming a stinker

Nothing should stand between you and the possibility of your pits smelling powder fresh, as Sarah Ribner and Jess Edelstein of all-natural deodorant company PiperWai learned first hand.

The ladies knew they'd get sales after Shark Tank, but nothing could have prepared them for the deluge of demand they got from the show.

After making a deal with Barbara Corcoran, they earned over a million dollars in just four short weeks. But keeping up with the drastic sales increase proved to be impossible for the duo, leading to slow delivery times that were worse than getting those white deodorant stains all over your new black shirt.

And just when the founders were starting to sweat, Barbara showed up with a solution to their troubles. She gave them clear marching orders to prevent customers from ever waiting again.

So if you're looking for a Shark Tank success story, follow your nose. The team behind PiperWai can't be far behind.

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