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Taiwan’s Far Eastern is weighing potential China acquisitions carefully

Key Points
  • Taiwan's Far Eastern Group is looking at mergers and acquisitions, including some Chinese assets, its chairman said
  • Chinese assets in overcapacity sectors may be priced competitively, but buyers need to weigh the negatives carefully, said Far Eastern Group Chairman Douglas Hsu
Far Eastern Group Chairman on excess capacity in China

Far Eastern Group, one of Taiwan's largest conglomerates, is weighing acquisition deals in China, as prices for assets in overcapacity sectors have become "competitive," the company's chairman said on Tuesday.

But Far Eastern Group Chairman Douglas Hsu said his company wasn't necessarily rushing into deals.

Price wasn't the only issue, Hsu told CNBC's "Squawk Box" on the sidelines of the Forbes Global CEO Conference in Hong Kong.

"The big point you have to really have to consider is if you can withstand the excess capacity and for how long will this excess capacity will continue to be there," Hsu added.

The Chinese government has been implementing supply-side reforms in the industrial sector, but buyers of those assets still need to be able to manage any excess capacity, he said.

While some companies Far Eastern is looking at have to deal with the excess capacity, others need management changes to adapt to a global market, he said, adding that companies broadly need to evolve as technology advances, he said.

With over 200 companies under its fold, Far Eastern Group's total assets are valued at $75.8 billion and run the gamut from cement and textiles to retail.