Shark Tank

Visit Shark Daymond John’s digital marketing day camp for enterprising adults

Welcome to Shark Daymond John's day camp for digital marketing -- the one camp where it's okay to forget your sunscreen.

There are no bunk beds, color wars or sing-alongs at Daymond's house. Instead, he's planned a full schedule of digital marketing seminars for a select group of lucky Shark Tank entrepreneurs.

First up is a chat with eCommerce expert Dylan Whitman. The most important lesson of the day is that online sales and social media presence are everything. It's a lesson that's almost as important as remembering to wear shower shoes.

Now forget bug juice or s'mores, Daymond's invited celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito over to make dinner, because … why wouldn't he?

Rocco dispenses a pinch of this, a pinch of that and some priceless advice about keeping up with fans on social.

With both their bellies and their brains full, there's only one way for the entrepreneurs to end their day at Daymond's: a selfie session overlooking the Hollywood Hills. And don't worry about backlighting, the only thing bright here is their business's future.

Shark Tank Monday - Thursday starting at 7P ET