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7 out of 10 young people would rather work for a start-up than an established company, finds a survey

Key Points
  • A new survey from media company 9gag and research company GfK discovered 71 percent of people under 35 around the world would rather work at a start-up than an established 9 to 5.
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When it comes to careers, young people around the world are lured by start-ups over established companies.

A global study conducted by media company 9gag and market research company GfK Global of more than 95,000 people aged 35 and under showed 71 percent of people would rather commit to a start-up opportunity for potentially many years rather than having a secure 9-5 job for three years.

People from Mexico were the most likely to choose the start-up job, with Finnish citizens most likely to take the traditional opportunity.

The short survey encompassed many topics, with most of the prompts about technology and social media. Other questions revealed 43 percent of responders would rather give up sex than the Internet, 2 percent were willing to give up all their money and valuables to keep all the selfies they ever took and 33 percent would rather lose their right to vote rather than their right to say anything on social media.

Another interesting finding was 47 percent of survey takers said they would rather take an easy job working for someone else rather than the harder task of working for themselves.

"People think the definition of success doesn't really come from working hard," 9gag chief operating officer Lilian Leong.

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