Exclusive PRO Talks: Top tech investor Cathie Wood says bitcoin is already changing how we live


Tech investor Cathie Wood shared her views on the impact that disruptive innovations such as bitcoin and companies like Tesla are having on the markets in an exclusive interview with CNBC PRO's Mike Santoli.

"[Cryptocurrency] markets are huge. We believe that digital services are as integral, or maybe more integral to our lives, than commodities that are traded on exchanges right now," she said. "It's interesting that you've got corn and oil and copper trading on the exchange but you don't have computing power, and bandwidth, and storage necessarily. Well, we think that's going to happen because of blockchain technology and all of the cryptos that are coming along."

She is CEO and chief investment officer of ARK Invest, an investment manager focused on disruptive technology with $1.7 billion in assets under management. Prior to ARK, Cathie spent 12 years at Alliance Bernstein as chief investment officer of global thematic strategies, where she managed $5 billion.

On the autonomous car space: "We are constantly looking for the winners here. The reason we want to find them now is because if you model out what the software and services business is going to be in late next decade, early 30s, … that opportunity today would be worth $1 trillion to $3 trillion. Let's take the midpoint, $2 trillion dollars."

"Tesla, if you really listen to them, you know they're going for the autonomous taxi network model. Many analysts following them right now are auto analysts, not even technology analysts. So they're used to hardware models. We think it has the best shot at that $2 trillion dollars."

The CEO also discusses:

  • The deflationary boom
  • Why Tesla is going to outperform traditional car manufacturers

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