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Three ways to make money out of China, according to one investor

Three ways to make money out of China's economic success story

There are three methods for those wanting to "make money out of (China's) economic success story," one investor told CNBC.

"Either you go and buy an ETF," suggested Beat Wittmann, partner and chairman at Porta Advisors, which is "basically an index representing the capital market in China."

Wittmann added the caveat that there was a "quite a gap" between the economy and capital markets—as with all emerging economies—so "you can have a great growth story and not really the return in the equity market."

The second way is "to buy individual sectors or companies," Wittmann said. He recommended being "really very specific about whether you go into a technology-driven theme, into consumption, into other things."

But Wittmann said that his preferred method was, in fact, indirect plays. He suggested looking for "priorities in terms of economic development" and demand, be it for iron ore or commodities, luxury or consumer goods.

The Shanghai Composite is up nearly 9 percent this year to date. Asian stocks closed largely flat Wednesday as investors awaited more news from the Chinese Communist Party's National Congress.

All eyes are on the Middle Kingdom for the five-yearly event at which the ruling Communist Party could announce key policy initiatives, reshuffle those in leadership positions and provide clues as to the political future of current President Xi Jinping. In his opening three-and-a-half-hour address in Beijing, Xi emphasized that the superpower intended to "cultivate globally competitive world-class firms," and "clean up rules and practices that hinder a unified market and fair competition."

Key data on the Chinese economy including third quarter gross domestic product and September industrial production numbers are out Thursday.