Apple CEO Tim Cook at new Chicago flagship store: 'A place where people can connect'

Tim Cook visits new Chicago flagship Apple Store
Tim Cook visits new Chicago flagship Apple Store

Apple opened a new flagship store in Chicago, Illinois, on Friday, and reporter Charlie Wojciechowski of NBC affiliate WMAQ caught up with CEO Tim Cook outside the store.

Cook noted that Apple's first flagship store (outside a few mall stores) was in Chicago 14 years ago. He also told him that the main point of this store, as with all Apple stores, is for people to connect -- a point Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts made earlier in the day.

"Some stores are for selling -- actually almost all stores are for selling," Cook said. "It's actually a small part of what we do in our store. Our stores are about service, supporting customers, being a place where customers can disocver and explore our products, and education. And connecting. A place where people can connect."