People who bought Google's new phones are experiencing all sorts of problems

Key Points
  • Pixel 2 owners are complaining of high-frequency noises coming from their smartphones.
  • It's the second major flaw; the Pixel 2 XL is experiencing screen burn-in issues, too.
Google Pixel 2 owners run into problems
Google Pixel 2 owners run into problems

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL owners have been plagued with hardware issues since the phones launched earlier this month.

First Pixel 2 XL owners were met with a washed out display, which CNBC noted in the review of the phone, and then users discovered OLED burn-in issues. That meant that certain software was staining the screen, leaving marks behind.

Now, users of the smaller Pixel 2 have a large thread on Google's Pixel User Community forums complaining of "high pitch frequency sound and clicking" when the phone is held up to a user's ear.

Multiple Pixel 2 owners have reported similar issues. "Constant clicking noise is audible whenever the phone is next to my ear," one user reported. "Experiencing high pitched whirling noises when phone is up to ear in calls," another said, noting that the noise can still be heard even when a call isn't being placed.

The issues were first reported by Android enthusiast blog Android Police.

A Google spokesperson was not immediately available for comment.