First Look: The Investors head to the canyons to test an all-wheel drive motorcycle and a 'lay-on-top' kayak

Investor Shawn Johnson East calls this entrepreneur out during negotiations

With majestic Utah canyons as the backdrop, investors Jeremy Bloom, Dhani Jones, Shawn Johnson East and Kristi Leskinen test new adventure products – including an all-wheel-drive motorcycle, an easy to use slingshot and a lay-on-top kayak. Are they willing to shell out big bucks to fund the big dreams of a talented entrepreneur?

Check out a sneak peek above.

About "Adventure Capitalists"

Thrill-seeking investors Shawn Johnson, Dhani Jones and Jeremy Bloom travel the country to test products in extreme conditions and potentially offer investments. In each one-hour episode, four separate entrepreneurs showcase products designed for outdoor adventure. These cutting-edge products and inventions run the gamut; from outerwear that can insulate against freezing temperatures (even when wet), to a robotic fishing lure that brings dead bait back to life and a full suspension mountain bike that can trek over any terrain. The adventure capitalists then put these innovations to the test, often in harsh conditions, to determine which are actually worthy of an investment.