IPhone X review roundup: Here's what everyone is saying

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  • The iPhone X reviews are in, and most are positive.
  • See what people are saying about the new iPhone X.
Watch CNBC's first hands-on look at Apple's new iPhone X

IPhone X reviews are out, and there's a lot of chatter about Apple's hot new smartphone.

If you missed it, CNBC's iPhone X review dubbed it the "best smartphone you can buy." Highlights include the new OLED display, Face ID that can unlock the phone when you look at it, stereo speakers and an incredible new design. This reviewer also noted the phone can get a bit hot and that some apps aren't yet formatted to fit the new unique display.

The Verge said the iPhone X is "polished and tight and clean." Its reviewer isn't that happy that Apple ditched the headphone jack and said he still thinks the iPhone 4 is the most beautiful phone Apple has ever built, not the iPhone X. Still, The Verge said the iPhone X is the best iPhone ever made, and said folks who preordered it will be happy.

TechCrunch spent a week with the new iPhone and took it to Disneyland. It highlights how easy Face ID is to set up and how well it works at identifying a face. Highlights included the camera performance and display, the latter of which the reviewer said is so good it makes the iPhone 8 screen "look like butt." It took TechCrunch six days to get used to not having a home button. "It really is like using the future of smartphones, today," the review concludes.

Wired Backchannel's Steven Levy, who reviewed the first iPhone, also shared his first impressions of the iPhone X this week. "Yes, this is the one — the iPhone that will hasten millions of upgrades, the one that's made you ignore the hardly-knew-ye iPhone 8, announced on the same day as this one," the review begins. It highlights fun new features like Animoji, but calls attention to the black bar at the top of the screen, which Levy calls "Area 51." While Levy liked the new gesture controls, he said it took some getting used to not having them when he switched back to an iPad. Levy is more excited for the future of the iPhone X, too. "The real payoff of the iPhone X might come when we figure out what it can do tomorrow," he concluded.

Forbes described the iPhone X as having an "opulent, high-end feel to it." It calls out the notch at the top of the screen, though the reviewer says after time it "vanishes" and that after a couple of days it became "unintrusive" to the user experience. Forbes saw a blue tint when tilting the phone, noting it's something that's relatively common with OLED displays. The reviewer also called out the lack of supported apps for the new display.

CNET also posted its thoughts after 18 hours with the iPhone X. Reviewer Scott Stein tested Face ID recognition in all sorts of scenarios, even shaving his beard for the shot. It failed, however, when he wore goggles, a wig, a top-hat and scarf and a mask. CNET said Apple "nailed the size and feel" and is going to continue testing (as CNBC is) until it gives its final word.

Mashable's review says the iPhone X "changes everything" and that "the future is in good hands." Reviewer Lance Ulanoff tried to trick Face ID using a photo and a video, and the iPhone X remained secure. Ulanoff did, however, trick Face ID using identical twins. Ultimately, Mashable liked the design and materials, Face ID and the screen, but didn't dig the notch and noted it's an expensive phone.

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