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Cramer Remix: Why shareholders will win in the potential Disney-Fox deal

Key Points
  • "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer revealed why the possible deal between Disney and Fox would be a dream could be a dream come true for shareholders.
  • Cramer also sat down with the CEOs of Salesforce and PayPal for the latest from the tech giants.
  • In the lightning round, Cramer was undecided on a financial services stock.
Cramer Remix: Why shareholders will win in the potential Disney-Fox deal

When it comes to mergers, it's not always clear who wins. But in the case of the potential Disney-Fox tie-up, CNBC's Jim Cramer had a pretty clear idea of who might.

"Disney would be buying the non-sports non-news part of the business, creating an unprecedented level of scale that would make them the king of the entertainment forest," the "Mad Money" host said. "Just like Broadcom trying to buy Qualcomm, a Disney-Fox deal would make it so there would be less concentration on one product — in this case ESPN — and more on the entire panoply of entertainment assets. Put simply, Fox is worth more to Disney than to Wall Street, but you, the shareholders are the ultimate winners."

Salesforce chief Benioff on Google-Salesforce deal, loyalty

Marc Benioff
Frank Muldoon | CNBC and Alphabet's Google are teaming up to help their customers be more productive, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff told CNBC on Monday.

"You look to Google, you see this incredible world of information, you see the advertising but you also get Google Analytics," Benioff told Cramer in an exclusive interview.

"And Google Analytics coupled with Salesforce's sales and service and marketing means that both of our customers are going to have customer insights that they've never had before. That is really exciting."

The partnership will combine Salesforce's customer relations management technology with Google's G Suite, a series of business-friendly apps designed to stoke collaboration and productivity. The Google product competes primarily against Microsoft Office 365.

Benioff also told Cramer that consumer "loyalty is dead."

"Loyalty is dead. It is," Benioff told "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer. "Because it's all about your community. Isn't that how you buy anyway, from your friends? Don't you want to join a community and be a part of a community?"

Speaking from Dreamforce, Salesforce's annual technological convention, Benioff said that Salesforce clients like Marriott International are realizing how hard it is to retain their customers.

PayPal CEO on millennials

Dan Schulman, CEO of PayPal
Mark Neuling | CNBC

Millennials are changing a host of industries, but perhaps none more drastically than the financial technology space, PayPal CEO Dan Schulman told CNBC on Monday.

"You have to, to serve these markets, re-imagine how money can be managed and moved because there's going to be more change in the next five years in financial services than happened in the past 30," Schulman told Cramer.

PayPal's peer-to-peer payment app, Venmo, speaks volumes to the way younger generations interpret money management, the CEO said.

Buildup in the industrials

To combat a tech-filled program, Cramer also zoomed in on another bull market that's signaling full speed ahead.

"We can't forget that the industrial bull market continues to stampede all over the place every single day, including today," the "Mad Money" host said Monday.

From Boeing to Cummins, it's easy to see that industrial stocks are running at or above record highs, but it may not always be easy to understand why.

"The reason these stocks keep roaring? Because of the synchronized economic acceleration worldwide that keeps taking people by surprise ... since few can remember ever seeing this kind of global recovery — a true rising tide that's lifting all industrial boats," Cramer said.

Lightning Round: Trade on your own with TTD

In Cramer's lightning round, he rattled off his take on some callers' favorite stocks:

Trade Desk Inc.: "We keep waffling on this one because I keep thinking that somehow Amazon, Google, someone's going to wipe them out. In the meantime, they just keep doing great, up 136 percent. I think it's up too high, but you're on your own."

Universal Display Corporation: "I have been behind this company. I mean, people hate me for liking this company. Hate me! They hate me for being right. It's not done going higher."

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