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Marcus Lemonis blames one person for his ‘Profit’ failures … himself.

Marcus Lemonis has made several lucrative deals with small businesses throughout several seasons of The Profit. But even though it all ends well on camera, that doesn't mean it's smooth-sailing afterwards. Many times, a deal can go sour after the cameras stop rolling. And when that happens, Lemonis blames himself for those failures.

"I hate to admit it, but in every case that a deal went bad I ultimately have to look back at myself." he says.

Lemonis acknowledges that, sometimes, a deal's gone bad well before he's even shaken hands with the owner -- like when he invested in the t-shirt company Dilascia. In a special episode of The Profit, Lemonis reveals he learned owner and founder Patrick Dilascia wasn't being honest or transparent about his finances. And that he was warned about Dilascia's integrity from others prior to making the deal. In the end, the deal went south.

Lemonis is also guilty of sometimes enabling the business owners he's invested in. Take, for example, sports memorabilia company Coopersburg Sports: After filming on that episode ended, owner Scott Pino kept asking for more money. And, despite not seeing returns, Lemonis continued to fund the company against his better judgement.

No matter the situation, when deals fail Lemonis ultimately shoulders the blame.

"Are there people that took advantage of me and screwed me? You bet. But did I let them? Yeah, I did," he says.

Learn more about the biggest wins and heartbreaking losses Lemonis has made over four seasons on the special season premiere of The Profit.

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