Amazon is flooding the zone with new cloud A.I. tools that translate, transcribe, and track people

Key Points
  • Amazon Web Services is coming out with new tools for recognizing people and other content in videos, converting recorded audio into text, and deeply understanding the meaning of text.
  • AWS is also introducing a service for translating text into different languages, which CNBC first reported on in June.
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Amazon's market-leading cloud business is launching a bunch of artificial intelligence tools.

On Wednesday at the Amazon Web Services re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, AWS CEO Andy Jassy announced one new AI service after another. The new tools do things like measure sentiment, track people in video feeds, and translate languages, among other things.

Here are some of them:

  • The new Amazon Rekognition Video tool is able to recognize and track people in real-time video feeds, giving it certain advantages over video recognition tools from cloud rivals Google and Microsoft.
  • The Amazon Transcribe system can transcribe audio recordings of people speaking into clean text files.
  • The Amazon Comprehend service can pick up on positive or negative sentiment and certain people, places and phrases in text.
  • AWS also unveiled Amazon Translate, a service for translating text from one language into another, which Google has provided to developers for years. CNBC first reported that AWS was working on a translation tool in June.

"We have to solve the problem of making [AI] accessible for everyday developers and scientists, Jassy told an audience that exceeded 40,000.

These announcements come alongside the new SageMaker service for more easily deploying AI models and a $250 high-definition AI-powered camera.

To be sure, cloud-managed services for AI probably won't bring in the majority of AWS' revenue for Amazon in the near future, but their availability could help inspire some companies to use AWS either instead of or in addition to another cloud provider. AWS now has more than 100 services on offer , Jassy told CNBC in an interview earlier this week.

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