Apple's powerful new computer launches December 14

Key Points
  • The iMac Pro is Apple's most powerful desktop computer to date.
  • The iMac Pro will start at $4,999.
  • An email sent on Tuesday morning confirms it will launch on Dec. 14.
Apple's powerful new computer will launch 'in a matter of days'

Apple said Tuesday that the new iMac will be available on December 14. The news was confirmed in an e-mail from Apple that was sent to customers.

Earlier, the company's senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller said in an interview that the company's iMac Pro would launch in the next couple of days.

Speaking of the iMac Pro with tech blog T3, Schiller said: "It was a big, big project, and that's just how things go. It takes this time. And we're getting close to when it's out there. It's very soon. A matter of days now."

The timing is appropriate. Apple announced the iMac Pro, its most powerful desktop computer to date, back in June with a promised launch date of September. It will support virtual reality with the HTC Vive headset and starts at $4,999.

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