Dunkin' debuts a mobile order drive-thru at its new concept store

Exterior of Dunkin' Donut's new location in Quincy, Massachusetts.
Dunkin' Donuts

Ever ordered a coffee from your phone and had to wait in line to pick it up? Dunkin' Donuts is hoping to solve that problem.

The company's newest location in Quincy, Massachusetts, contains a dedicated space for mobile pickup orders and features its first-ever drive-thru exclusively for those that ordered ahead using the DD Perks app.

This location is also integrated with digital kiosks so customers can order with or without the help of a Dunkin' crew member.

The Quincy shop is one of at least 30 concept stores that Dunkin' plans on opening in the next year. The company said it wants test out its new signage and digital capabilities before possibly rolling it out nationwide.

One big change in signage is the removal of the word "Donuts." This is the second franchise to ditch the word. The first was in Pasadena, California, last year.

Dunkin' has been pressured by competitors like Starbucks, McDonald's and Burger King to make itself known for more than just its doughnuts. The company has been making major changes in the last few months, ramping up its digital ordering, slowing down its expansion plans and slimming down its menu to refocus its efforts on being a beverage-led brand.

Order ahead? Merge here.

An exclusive On-the-Go drive-thru lane lets DD Perks members who order ahead via Dunkin’s Mobile merge straight into the line for the pickup window.
Dunkin' Donuts

With the opening of the Quincy location, Dunkin' is the first national restaurant brand to offer an exclusive mobile order drive-thru.

Customers who order via the DD Perks app can merge straight into the line for the pickup window.

Convenience is key in the coffee industry, especially as more restaurants offer premium beverages and value promotions. The addition of this mobile drive-thru could give Dunkin' an edge against its competitors, who traditionally offer mobile pick-up in-store and have experienced bottlenecking at pick-up counters.

A look inside

Dunkin' Donuts

The 2,200-square-foot store has stripped away the dark, saturated orange and pink motif in favor of a lighter color scheme and more natural light.

This Dunkin' also features an open concept and a larger grab-and-go section that includes items like mini oranges, grapes, granola and apple sauce.

On tap

Dunkin’ Donuts’ signature cold beverages are now served through an innovative eight tap system.
Dunkin' Donuts

In Dunkin's new location, a number of the company's signature cold beverages are served on tap, including teas, coffees and nitrogen-infused cold brew.

Cold brew coffee, in particular, has become a popular beverage, leading companies like Starbucks and Dunkin' to invest in cold brew kegs to ensure the quality and freshness of the drink.

On Monday, Starbucks and Joyride Coffee Distributors announced a partnership that would bring draft cold brew coffee to Starbucks' foodservice accounts at hospitals, bookstores, college and university campuses and offices.

Life is Good

New Dunkin' Donuts uniforms and headwear designed in partnership with lifestyle brand Life is Good.
Dunkin' Donuts

Even Dunkin' employees at the new location will have a fresh look. The company partnered with Boston-based lifestyle brand Life is Good to provide exclusive shirts and head wear for its staff at this location.