Watch: White House officials speak about the looming government shutdown deadline

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White House officials brief reporters on Friday morning with only hours remaining for Congress to pass a spending bill and avoid a government shutdown.

In a tweet earlier Friday, President Donald Trump urged Senate Democrats to get behind a short-term bill passed by the House and added, "shutdown coming?"

A fight over the government funding deal is set to play out in the Senate throughout the day Friday. On Thursday night, the chamber appeared to lack the vote to pass the House-passed measure as many Democrats and a few Republicans announced their opposition to it.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell then set the stage for a Friday vote, to put more pressure on members to pass the legislation or risk shutting down the government.

The GOP bill would fund the government through Feb. 16, reauthorize the popular Children's Health Insurance Program for six years and delay some Affordable Care Act taxes. Republicans hold control of the House, Senate and White House.

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