This is what a Tesla Roadster looks like floating through space

Key Points
  • Elon Musk was not kidding: SpaceX really did send a Tesla Roadster with a dummy in the driver's seat into space.
  • The idea was to put a twist on the practice of sending dummy payloads into space during flight tests.
A Tesla Sportster floats past earth after SpaceX Heavy rocket launched from Kennedy Space Center on Feb. 6th, 2018.
Source: SpaceX

Turns out Elon Musk wasn't kidding.

On Tuesday SpaceX sent Musk's personal Tesla Roadster into space on its successful first test flight.

The Falcon Heavy is the largest rocket launched into space since the NASA Saturn V in the early 1970s.

It is common for rockets to carry a dummy payload during test flights. Musk and company decided to load the rocket with an original Tesla Roadster with a SpaceX suit-wearing dummy in the driver's seat.

SpaceX successfully landed all three boosters that propelled the rocket, but the rocket's second stage, with the Roadster on top, was launched into an orbit around the sun.

The above photo is a picture of the car, with dummy driver, soon after it entered orbit.

The photo above is a frontal view.

Above is a view of the Roadster's dashboard, with a message displayed on the screen.

Shortly after the launch, Musk tweeted out a live camera shot of the dummy, called "Starman" after the David Bowie song that could be heard playing toward the end of the launch.


Musk is CEO and Lead Designer at SpaceX, and is also chairman, Product Architect and CEO of Tesla.

Musk unveiled a second generation Tesla Roadster in November that boasted eye-popping specifications.

The full video of Wednesday's launch is below: