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Steve Bannon: 'Yellen's my girl' and should have been reappointed

Key Points
  • Steve Bannon, former top strategist to President Trump, calls Janet Yellen "my girl" and says he would have preferred she stayed as Federal Reserve chair.
  • Trump instead appointed Jerome Powell, who is likely to act much in the same mold as his predecessor.
Janet Yellen
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If Steve Bannon had his way in the White House, Janet Yellen would still be chair of the Federal Reserve.

The former chief strategist to President Donald Trump and former head of Breitbart News said last year during a book interview that he would have preferred Yellen stay on to run the central bank but held his tongue as the president looked elsewhere.

"Yellen's my girl," Bannon told author Joshua Green in September while speaking about the book, "Devil's Bargain: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and the Nationalist Uprising," according to Bloomberg News.

Bannon has since left as head of Breitbart, the conservative news site that he helped found.

However, he told Green that the site's principals were behind Yellen.

"The Breitbart posse is in love with Janet Yellen," he said. "If we get behind her, that is the signal of signals — the realignment of American politics."

Bannon stayed mum, though, and Trump ultimately picked Jerome Powell, a former Fed governor, as chairman. Bannon said he liked Yellen's preference for lower rates and looser monetary policy, something Powell is expected to continue.

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