Watch: White House briefs reporters following newest explanation on Rob Porter

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White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is scheduled to field reporters' questions on Wednesday, amid the Trump administration's changing explanation on its handling of former staff secretary and alleged spousal abuser Rob Porter.

Porter, President Donald Trump's former staff secretary, assisted Chief of Staff John Kelly in overseeing the flow of documents that passed the president's desk. Porter had access to classified materials under a temporary "interim security clearance" during and after the FBI's background check.

Sanders on Tuesday said that the FBI sent a completed background report to the White House in November. But she said the White House personnel security office was still in the midst of its own investigation into Porter by the time the British tabloid Daily Mail published interviews with Porter's ex-wives alleging physical and verbal abuse in February.

That explanation contradicted Sanders' statement on Monday, when she said the security clearance process "doesn't operate within the White House."

In Senate testimony Tuesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray said the Bureau had issued a partial report on Porter last March and completed its background check in late July.

Outside the roiling Porter scandal, a bipartisan Senate group's soon-to-be-unveiled legislation addressing DACA risks clashing with Trump, who is reportedly considering vetoing any immigration bill that does not end the so-called diversity visa lottery and chain migration systems.