See inside the swanky Miami dealership that has $25 million worth of supercars

This exotic car dealer will do anything to wow his clients

Supercar dealer Brett David's Miami dealership, Prestige Imports 2.0, is home to some of the most exotic cars in America.


CNBC's "Secret Lives of the Super Rich" took a look inside David's new showroom for a recent episode.


Among Prestige Imports' collection is a $6.5 million Pagani Zonda, a $3.8 million La Ferrari and a $3.4 million Pagani.


Prestige rotates different cars in and out of the collection, which is worth anywhere from $25 million to $50 million depending on inventory.


But none stand out quite like the $3 million flaming orange Maserati MC12.


"It's one of the world's only street-legal MC12 Corsas," says David, adding the exhaust note (that telltale sound you hear when the engine revs) "is fantastic," and "the look in that bright, bright orange. It is a very, very rare piece."

But this supercar isn't for sale. In fact, it's part of a private collection of souped up rides owned by wealthy entrepreneur and car enthusiast Barry Skolnick.

"He has a problem that we all wish we had — he has too many cars," says David. "So sometimes I allow him to store his vehicles here in the store." At last count, Skolnick owned 55 supercars worth many millions of dollars.

And when Skolnick took a visit to Prestige Imports to check up on his MC12, David had a surprise for him — a synchronized music and light extravaganza showcasing the car.


It's all part of the Prestige Imports Lab, created with the purpose of showing off the dealership's roster on Instagram for the best car selfies ever.

"We can do our own little, musical, theatrical delivery experience, of course accompanied with our Armand Brignac champagne," says David. "And everything in this room is video-recorded so they can share this experience with themselves, on social media, friends or family."


Social media helps David sell cars. After he posted a video on Instagram of him doing donuts in a $350,000 Ferrari F12, he sold the sports car two days later.

"All that was going through my mind was 'What if this car goes into that pole?'" said David. "I kind of looked at these poles that were in the showroom as my obstacle course."

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