'Silicon Valley' opening sequence jabs at Facebook's Russia hacking scandal

Key Points
  • HBO comedy "Silicon Valley" debuted a new opening sequence, which took jabs at some recent high-profile tech sector embarrassments.
  • Some of the gags include Facebook's logo turning into Russian cyrillic, Tesla's self-driving trucks and failed start-up Juicero getting its own building.

HBO comedy "Silicon Valley" debuted a new opening sequence, which took jabs at recent events like Facebook's Russian hacking scandal and Juicero's failed business plan.

The fifth season of the HBO series, which debuted on Sunday, chronicles the trials and tribulations of fictional start-up founder Richard Hendricks and his team as they try to launch compression software.

Here's some of the gags CNBC saw embedded in the intro:

Facebook's sign gets translated into Russian

Facebook's scandal over Russian interference in during the 2016 U.S. elections is acknowledged, thanks to a Facebook logo that briefly changed to cyrillic.

Tesla's self-driving trucks are roaming the streets

Tesla's building has been in the background before, but now there's a lot of (what one presumes to be) self-driving trucks on the roads.

Amazon's drones are delivering Whole Foods

The Amazon drones aren't new to the "Silicon Valley" opening sequence. However, instead of carrying pizza, the devices bear Whole Foods groceries.

A Coinbase tower has been built

The obsession with cryptocurrency gets an honorable mention through a new Coinbase tower, with a machine spitting Bitcoins in the air nearby.

Uber employees are heading over to Lyft

Uber and Lyft used to have competing hot air balloons, referring to their valuations. Now the companies have taken over two buildings, previously belonging to Theranos and Slack. But if you look closely, there's a ladder from Uber's building to Lyft's — and employees are scrambling over.

Juicero gets a building

And don't forget Juicero, the juicing machine start-up that raised $100 million from investors — only to be shut down after it was revealed that the company's juice bags could be squeezed by hand, eliminating the need for its $700 machine. It now has its own building in "Silicon Valley." On another note, the building nearby that used to house Alibaba and Yahoo no longer bears their logos.