Toys R Us stores set to be bid on by Target, Big Lots and Aldi, among others

Key Points
  • A handful of Toys R Us stores are scheduled to be bid on later this week.
  • Companies interested in the locations include Target, Aldi, Big Lots and some real estate investment trusts.
Customers enter a Toys R Us store on March 15, 2018 in Emeryville, California.
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Several Toys R Us stores are scheduled to be auctioned off later this week, according to court documents filed Tuesday that were reviewed by CNBC.

Out of the 58 "qualified bids" being considered, Target and Aldi both are looking at one location in Kendall, Florida, which is near a handful of college campuses. Big Lots is bidding on five stores — in Fresno, California; Exton, Pennsylvania; Durham, North Carolina; Woodbridge, Virginia, and Indianapolis. Furniture chain Raymour and Flanigan is looking to bid on three stores — two in New Jersey and one in New York. Golf & Tennis Pro Shop, which owns PGA Tour Superstore, will bid on the same Indianapolis store as Big Lots, along with a store in Vernon Hills, Illinois.

Other names on the list of bidders (see a full list below) include Ashley Furniture, Shoe Station, Food Bazaar and Fit Factory.

Real estate investment trusts Federal Realty and Urstadt Biddle will both bid on the same Toys R Us store in Emeryville, California.

More than 10 privately owned real estate firms and equity groups are also hoping to own some of Toys R Us' real estate. Many of the businesses listed, such as Red Mountain Group, are known for acquiring distressed retail assets and renovating them.

The auction of these properties will take place Thursday, according to the court documents filed in Virginia. Then, Toys R Us' debtors have until April 12 to approve any final sales.

While only a handful of Toys R Us' roughly 800 U.S. stores are headed to auction, the bidders being considered offer a glimpse of what consumers can expect to move into town over time.

CNBC had reported on the tough situation that many real estate owners would be in as the Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores go dark, where few retailers are still growing their physical footprints today. There are few logical replacements for such big stores in the market.

It's been reported that Amazon has considered buying some of the Toys R Us stores. A representative from Toys R Us declined to comment.

Still, Toys R Us has hundreds of stores searching for a new life after the company liquidates.

Isaac Larian, the founder of toymaker MGA Entertainment, and other investors have pledged a total of $200 million, aspiring to raise more in crowdfunding in a bid to save as many as 400 stores. It's still unclear if his efforts will be successful.

Here is a complete list of those businesses looking to acquire some of Toys R Us' real estate (Bidder, store #, city location):

Aldi, 8715, Kendall, FL
Amerco Real Estate Co., 6026, Highland Park, IL
Amerco Real Estate Co., 6554, Emeryville, CA
Ashley Furniture, 5655, Monrovia, CA
Ashley Furniture, 6554, Emeryville, CA
AVG Partners, 5653, National City, CA
AVG Partners, 5672, Brea, CA
AVG Partners, 5682, Chandler, AZ
AVG Partners, 6431, Union City, CA
AVG Partners, 6512, Murrieta, CA
AVG Partners, 7803, Frisco, TX
AVG Partners, 9293 Vernon Hills, IL
AVG Partners, 5821, Redwood City, CA
Bird & 87th Ave Village, LLC, 8715, Kendall, FL
Benderson, 6554, Emeryville, CA
Benderson, 9282, Amherst, NY
Big Lots, 5802, Fresno, CA
Big Lots, 6454, Exton, PA
Big Lots, 8381, Durham, NC
Big Lots, 8885, Woodbridge, VA
Big Lots, 9243, Indianapolis, IN
Blue Water Capital, 6026, Highland Park, IL
BRFI LLC, 6026, Highland Park, IL
BRFI LLC, 6554, Emeryville, CA
Farmers Fresh Market Place, 6544, Chicago, IL
Federal Realty, 6554, Emeryville, CA
Festival Development Corp, 5672, Brea, CA
Festival Development Corp, 6026, Highland Park, IL
Festival Development Corp, 6431, Union City, CA
Festival Development Corp, 6554, Emeryville, CA
FoodBazaar, 6390, Flushing, NY
Golf & Tennis Pro Shop Inc., 9243, Indianapolis, IN
Golf & Tennis Pro Shop Inc., 9293, Vernon Hills, IL
HP Retail Division Capital LLC, 6026, Highland Park, IL
Huntington Oaks Delaware Partners LLC, 5655, Monrovia, CA
Macro Store LLC, 6510, Aventura, FL
NSC Wholesale Holdings LLC, 6306, Paramus, NJ
NSC Wholesale Holdings LLC, 6311, Carle Place, NY
Pacifica Companies LLC, 6026, Highland Park, IL
Pacifica Companies LLC, 6554, Emeryville, CA
Raymour and Flanigan, 6306, Paramus, NJ
Raymour and Flanigan, 6533, West Windsor, NJ
Raymour and Flanigan, 6538, New York, NY
Red Mountain Group, 6554, Emeryville, CA
RFS Investments, 6554, Emeryville, CA
Ryan Gadles (Fit Factory), 7535, Bellingham, MA
Ryan Gadles (Fit Factory), 7803, Frisco, TX
Sage Investco Deux LLC, 6554, Emeryville, CA
Scandinavian Designs, 5645, Phoenix, AZ
Scandinavian Designs, 9569, San Jose, CA
Shoe Station, 7707, Jackson, MS
SKLA, 6554, Emeryville, CA
Star Builders Inc., 6390, Flushing, NY
Target, 8715, Kendall, FL
Unison Acquisitions LLC, 8709, North Miami, FL
Urstadt Biddle, 6554, Emeryville, CA
Warmington Homes, 6554, Emeryville, CA
Wood Investments, 6554, Emeryville, CA

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