Apple just released iOS 11.3, which lets users control iPhone battery settings

Key Points
  • It's time to update the software on your iPhone and iPad.
  • Apple released iOS 11.3 on Thursday, which includes new features.
  • IOS 11.3 includes a new health record feature, battery management changes and business chat.

Apple released iOS 11.3 for iPhones and iPads on Thursday, which adds new features to both products.

IOS 11.3 was announced earlier this year, following the revelation that Apple was purposefully slowing down iPhones to preserve battery life. Apple now has a feature that shows if it has decided to limit a phone's performance to increase battery life. There's also an option to turn the performance limiter off.

IOS 11.3 also includes a new feature inside the Health application called Health Record, which lets iPhone users download health records including lab results and data on allergies, medications, immunizations and more. They can then seamlessly exchange it with health-care professionals at various participating hospitals around the United States.

iOS 11.3 Business Chat

Business Chat in iMessage is another new feature in iOS 11.3. It will let users chat with businesses for support, to purchase products, to schedule appointments and more. Lowe's, Wells Fargo, Hilton and Discover are some of the first businesses that will work with Business Chat.

You can download iOS 11.3 from your iPhone or iPad by opening Settings, then selecting General > Software update.