Netflix is getting into radio with a comedy channel on Sirius XM

Key Points
  • Netflix will launch a comedy radio channel in January 2019 on Sirius XM.
  • The channel's focus will be stand up excerpts and highlights from stars of its original comedy programming. 
Co-founder and CEO of Netflix Reed Hastings
Albert Llop | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images

Netflix will soon be streaming on the airwaves thanks to a partnership with Sirius XM.

The company said on Wednesday it will be creating a comedy channel for the satellite radio provider. The radio channel's focus is going to be stand up excerpts and highlights from its original comedy programming, a spokesperson told CNBC. This marks the first time Netflix has made media content outside of video. 

The Wall Street Journal, which was first to report the news, said the channel will also feature new material from comedians featured in Netflix original content. It is slated to launch in January 2019.

Entering radio is a new path for the streaming giant, but it could also prove to be a worthwhile advertising tool for its original content. Netflix is planning spend $2 billion on marketing this year, and has said it shifting some of its budgets toward advertising initiatives.

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