Watch: Trump to sign executive order outlining steps to boost job placement


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President Donald Trump is scheduled Thursday to host a "Pledge to America's Workers" at the White House, pivoting his agenda back to domestic economic issues after a controversial trip overseas.

Trump is expected to sign an executive order during the event in the East Room that is intended to establish two panels dedicated to finding job training and education opportunities for U.S. workers.

Trump will be joined at the signing by business leaders, including FedEx President David Bronczek, Lockheed Martin CEO Marillyn Hewson and an IBM representative, the president's daughter and advisor Ivanka Trump said on a call with reporters.

The event arrives as Trump and his administration continue to clarify his position on U.S. intelligence communities' finding that the Kremlin waged an influence campaign during the 2016 election with a preference for Trump over Hillary Clinton.

The New York Times reported Wednesday that Trump was shown evidence before his inauguration in January 2017 showing Russian leader Vladimir Putin himself ordered cyber attacks to affect the 2016 election.

Yet Trump refused to say he believed U.S. intelligence agencies over Russia, which denies any interference, while standing next to Putin during a summit in Helsinki, Finland, on Monday.

On Tuesday, Trump backtracked on part of his remarks from the joint press conference. And in an interview with CBS News that aired Wednesday, Trump said it was "true" that Russia meddled in the election and said he would hold Putin responsible for that interference "because he's in charge of the country."

Trump's shift back to economic issues kicked off in an interview with CNBC's Joe Kernen on Thursday, when the president expressed disdain for Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's plan to raise interest rates in 2018.

"We go up and every time you go up they want to raise rates again," Trump told Kernen in the interview, which will air in full on Friday at 6 a.m. ET. "I don't really — I am not happy about it. But at the same time I’m letting them do what they feel is best.”