We asked top financial executives what drives them crazy in the office — here’s what they said

Four market experts reveal their office pet peeves

You aced the interview and got the job, but what you didn't know was that your new employer has a thing or two that makes her cringe during office hours.

Before you mess up the on the first week at the job, we asked four executives who have more than $800 billion in combined assets under management, about their biggest office pet peeves.

Suni Harford, head of investments at UBS Asset Management, can't stand it when she gets stuck in an elevator with someone wearing headphones zoning out those around them. Alex Denner, CIO and founder of Sarissa Capital Management, says his biggest complaint is managing his email inbox.

From being bound by habits to overcomplicating things for no apparent reason, there are plenty of ways to get on someone's bad side.

Watch the video above to see what annoys these bosses and to make sure you're not guilty of any of the offensive behavior.

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