Shark Tank

Potato Parcel is the message sending service you didn't know you needed

Key Points
  • Alex Craig, founder of Potato Parcel, and "Chief Potato Officer," Riad Bekhit, are bringing a unique twist to the message sending industry.
  • The entrepreneurs pitched the business on "Shark Tank" and landed with an unexpected deal.

Long are the days of simply sending a Hallmark card to make someone feel special, so the entrepreneurs behind Potato Parcel want you to mail a potato instead.

Perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, and more, Potato Parcel lets customers order a potato with a handwritten message —or a photo of someone's face — for $4 more.

"The purpose of our business is to spread kind messages to others in a fun and wacky way that also tries to reduce food waste, as we donate 1 potato for every potato sold to local food shelters," said Riad Bekhit, who bills himself as the company's 'chief potato officer.' He added: "We have donated tens of thousands of potatoes thus far."

Bekhit and Alex Craig, founder of Potato Parcel went on "Shark Tank" dressed in head-to-toe potato gear, in hopes of impressing the panel on this unique gift sending service. But the costumes weren't the only running jokes of the pitch.

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban wasn't exactly sold on the concept, asking the young men, "It's just stupid on a stick, right?" To which Craig replied, "It's actually stupid on a potato."

Labeling the concept as "stupid" might not have been the best way to describe it. On "Shark Tank," the potato enthusiasts asked for $50,000 in exchange for 10 percent stake in the company. The outcome was something that nobody saw coming.

The future of Potato Parcel looks promising and according to Bekhit, both the team and business are growing. They're also partnering with other online gifting brands to expand their reach, as well as releasing new products.

"Shark Tank had a great impact on the business," Bekhit said. "We received many orders and have been known for our wacky pitch that constantly brings people back to our website to check us out."

It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Don't miss Craig and Bekhit pitch Potato Parcel on "Shark Tank," Sunday at 9P ET on CNBC.