Shark Tank

A 'Shark Tank' entrepreneur mixed love of children and art to come up with his Budsies toy business

Key Points
  • Alex Furmansky, founder and CEO of Budsies, can turn your artwork into a plush toy.
  • The entrepreneur pitched the business on "Shark Tank" and walked away feeling confident in his decision.

They say life imitates art, which is why Budsies has no problem making a name for itself in the toy industry. This South Florida-based company lets customers turn their original artwork into a plush toy.

Alex Furmansky, Founder and CEO of Budsies, pitched the heartwarming concept to the panel on "Shark Tank,"

He told the sharks: "Children have the most amazing minds. Their imagination inspires them to create the most fantastic artwork. So, rather than let their artwork take over our fridge, or get lost in piles in attics or basements gone forever — how can we treasure it?" he asked.

"Imagine if we could magically transform your child's artwork into something real? Something tangible. Something...huggable," he added.

On the show, Furmansky asked for $100,000 in exchange for a 5 percent stake in his company. While the outcome wasn't exactly what they were expecting, Furmansky walked away feeling confident in his decision.

Furmansky said the awareness and recognition of his product, thanks to being on "Shark Tank", is unparalleled. Being on the show has helped his business secure everything from partnerships to even a great office lease. His landlord is even proud to have a "Shark Tank" company in his complex.

The future of Budsies looks exceptionally bright, as the company has been on a high growth trajectory for the last 5 years with plans to expand. "At this point, we've produced nearly 70,000 unique designs and established ourselves as the #1 custom plush company worldwide," Furmansky said.

Above all, Furmansky said that he's most proud of his incredible team in Boynton Beach, Florida.

"Everyone is sharp, hungry for growth, and aligned with our mission." He added: "In fact, we are wrapping up our 2018 Budsies Pals Program...where over 50 strong children facing tough struggles will receive free Budsies to bring them strength and comfort."

Don't miss Furmansky pitch Budsies on "Shark Tank" tonight at 9P ET on CNBC.