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Cramer: This year's 'investable theme' is product personalization

Key Points
  • CNBC's Jim Cramer explains how personalization has become synonymous with the digital revolution.
  • With its Apple partnership, Salesforce is expanding personalization across a host of industries, Cramer says.
  • But individual companies like Nike can seize on the trend as well, the "Mad Money" host says.
This year's 'investable theme' product personalization

The ability to personalize a product to your preference is the next major theme of the world's digital revolution, CNBC's said Thursday, speaking from CNBC's 1Market studio in the tech capital of San Francisco.

"The investable theme everybody's talking about right here, right now? Personalization. It's everywhere," the "Mad Money" host said. "Technology has made it possible for mass-market goods and services to be tailored to suit your tastes."

Cramer pointed to, the cloud giant run by Marc Benioff that recently announced a partnership with Apple to intertwine their technologies and allow companies that use Salesforce to offer more personalization via Apple's Siri assistant.

In an interview with Cramer on Tuesday, Benioff explained how the partnership would help "enhance [the] customer experience" at companies like Marriott, a Salesforce customer. New features will include being able to ask Siri to adjust a hotel room's lightning and temperature via Marriott's app, the CEO said.

"The trick is to ensure that each individual customer feels catered to, which is what this new Apple-Salesforce partnership ... will do for many in the service business," Cramer said.

Even individual companies like Hewlett-Packard spinoff HP Inc. and athleticwear retailer Nike are using personalization to attract customers, the "Mad Money" host continued.

HP Inc., a company that deals in personal computers, printers and 3D printing, has leveraged its specialty to print personalized labels with people's names on them for soda giant Coca-Cola.

"It's been a home run, giving Coca-Cola a real competitive edge in an admittedly tough business where taking market share is everything and a pie that's not growing like it used to," Cramer said.

Nike, on the other hand, bolstered its digital capabilities to let consumers customize their own sneakers, taking its mantra "Just Do It" from a slogan to a personal motto, he said.

"I'm not speaking anecdotally here — this is empirical. On Nike's latest conference call this week, the word 'digital' was used — get this — 59 times, " Cramer said. "'Ultimately, it is about becoming more personal at scale,' [Nike CEO Mark] Parker told us in a brilliant exposition, a real tutorial of how digital has made it possible for customers to wear their Nikes of choice."

Personalization can also help commoditized industries break out of their homogeneous molds.

While he said it wasn't "necessarily a needle-mover," Cramer referenced KB Home's announcement that newly constructed homes can come with a Google Home system, which would allow owners a degree of personalization.

"There's a clear takeaway here of what I keep hearing in Silicon Valley, and that is get digital and get personal fast," the "Mad Money" host concluded.

"Digital personalizations [are] no longer merely an option, they're a necessity," he continued. "And the companies that give other businesses the tools that make personalization possible — companies like Salesforce [and] HP — are the real winners and the ones worth investing in because they have figured it out in lucrative ways that make their stocks worth owning right here, right now."

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Cramer: This year's 'investable theme' is product personalization

Disclosure: Cramer's charitable trust owns shares of Salesforce and Apple.

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