New Apple Watch models crash with daylight saving time bug in Australia

Key Points
  • Apple Watch Series 4 owners in Australia were prone to a daylight saving time bug.
  • The bug affected a single watch face but caused the watch to loop reboot itself.
  • The issue has since resolved itself.
Apple Watch Series 4
Todd Haselton | CNBC

Some owners of the new Apple Watch Series 4 in Australia experienced a bug that caused the watch to reboot when clocks changed for daylight saving time Sunday, 9to5Mac reported. The watches have since fixed themselves, the site said.

People who had the "Infograph Modular" complication active on their watch face, pictured above, were reportedly vulnerable to the bug. The watch face attempts to show information, such as activity or the weather, over a full 24 hour period.

Apple's software has a history of bugs when clocks automatically change for daylight saving time. In 2010, some iPhone users slept through alarms that didn't sound at the proper time. Several related bugs have been reported since then.

Apple was not immediately available for comment.

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