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This is your first look at Google's new Home Hub and the Pixel Slate tablet

Key Points
  • CNBC checks out the new Google Home Hub and Pixel Slate tablet.
  • The Home Hub is compact, costs $149 and seems like a really helpful product around the house.
  • The Pixel Slate tablet is expensive and has a nice display, but the keyboard is a little clunky.
Hands-on with the new products Google just unveiled

Google didn't just announce its new Pixel 3 phones on Tuesday, it also unveiled the Google Home Hub smart display and the Pixel Slate tablet. Here's what both of those are like.

Google Home Hub


The Google Home Hub is like a Google Home, but instead of just speaking with Google Assistant through microphones and hearing a response through a speaker, there's also a 7-inch display. It shows you information about your day, like the weather, your commute, your calendar and more. I was surprised by how compact it was. When Google announced the $140 Home Hub on stage, it seemed like it would be a bit larger. For most folks, it's probably ideal in a kitchen for viewing recipes, or on a bedside table where it can serve as a very smart alarm clock.

Pixel Slate tablet

The Google Pixel Slate

The Google Pixel Slate tablet is clearly Google's take on the Microsoft Surface or iPad Pro. It starts at $599, which seems awfully expensive for a tablet without a keyboard that relies mostly on Chrome and Android apps. But it has a really high-end and sharp display, which looked good when I watched a quick 4K YouTube video on it during a demonstration.

But the $200 keyboard accessory isn't as great. It felt way too clunky. It doesn't really sit well in a lap, and while I was able to type quickly on a desk, it's not something I think I'd buy for myself. All in, you're looking at $599 for the tablet, $200 for the keyboard and an additional $100 for the stylus.

Chromebooks are great, but often cost around half the price of the tablet and come with a keyboard. Maybe I'll like it more when I have time to use it for a review.