Shark Tank

Kevin O'Leary gets to the bottom of Bottle Breacher's back-order issues on 'Beyond the Tank'

What's more impressive than enticing a Shark to invest in your company? Getting the seal of approval from two of them.

For the husband-and-wife team behind Bottle Breacher, that dream became a reality on Season 6 of "Shark Tank." Former Navy SEAL Eli Crane and his wife, Jen, brought hand crafted .50-caliber bottle openers to the Tank, and Kevin O'Leary and Mark Cuban were quick to lock down a deal.

On Wednesday's episode of "Beyond the Tank," viewers will see a rare side of O'Leary as he opens up about the emotional connection he felt to the product, a reason that ultimately led him to invest.

However, things get critical when O'Leary learns that customers aren't happy with the lag time in product shipping.

"You'll go out of business getting this number of people mad at you," O'Leary says.

To get to the bottom of the back-order issues, O'Leary and Alex Kenjeev, vice president of O'Leary Ventures, meet with the Cranes to offer constructive criticism and strategy.

"It's always good to see Kevin and Alex and have them take a look under the hood of our operation to give us pointers and advice on how to do a better job, but at the same time, you never want people you look up to — mentors, advisers, partners — to be exposed to the weaknesses in your operation and personal shortcomings as an entrepreneur," Crane said in an email to CNBC.

It's safe to say the mentorship has paid off – Crane said his business is going well.

"I consider us very blessed and fortunate to be around 5 years later and listed within the Shark Tank Top 20 Selling Companies of all time."

Catch problem-solving at its finest on an episode of "Beyond the Tank" Wednesday 10P ET/PT and stay tuned for more Tuesday-Thursday 10P ET/PT on CNBC.