Journey through India

Bangalore: A tech hub with a taste for fun

Key Points
  • Bengaluru, still commonly referred to as Bangalore, is widely recognized as one of India's the biggest tech hubs.
  • The city boasts green parks and the massive K.R. Market, where visitors can see the colorful chaos of flowers on sale.
  • Although the city is known to many as the Silicon Valley of India, there is another industry for which Bangalore has become famous: craft beer.
Journey Through India: Bangalore

The highest of India's major cities, Bengaluru, still commonly referred to as Bangalore, is the state capital of Karnataka. Sporting a mild climate, this cosmopolitan and progressive city is widely recognized as one of the biggest tech hubs of India.

Bangalore was once seen as a favorite destination for retirees. Now, it's India's fourth-most populated city and in the last 10 years has undergone rapid development. While that has contributed to increased traffic congestion and rising pollution levels, the city is still recognized as one of the greenest in the country.

That's due in part to the many parks, known as "lung" spaces, dotted across the city. Cubbon Park is the biggest one at around 300 acres. Established in 1870, it's made up of landscaped gardens, tall shady trees and long, wide jogging tracks. It's where many Bangaloreans come to visit before and after to work to both exercise and socialize.

If you prefer to start your day at a slightly different pace, then a short walk from Cubbon Park is K. R. Market. Built in 1928, it's home to one of Asia's biggest wholesale flower markets. At the crack of dawn, hundreds of delivery trucks, vendors and their fresh flowers descend on the center of Bangalore to create this colorful chaos.

For many foreigners, the bustling city is known as the Silicon Valley of India but there is another industry for which Bangalore has become famous: craft beer.

According to Toit Brewpub co-founder Arun George, that hasn't come as a total surprise.

Customers share a conversation over beer at The Arbour Microbrewery in Bangalore.
Manjunath Kiran | AFP | Getty Images

"Bangalore's always had a very strong beer drinking culture" he said. "So it seemed like a natural progression to move from commercial, mass-produced beers to something that's crafted in house, with a little bit more character."

There are now roughly 40 microbreweries operating in the city.

When it comes to nightlife, Bangalore has plenty to offer. In addition to a thriving live music scene, it's also known for producing a number of India's most celebrated comedians. Comedy nights happen all over the city and it's a popular night out activity among locals.

Bangalore is a modern city attracting both Indians from across the country and expatriates from around the world. While it's still working out how to manage the population influx, it's the talented and ambitious workforce that will help it continue to grow into a dynamic and forward-looking city.