Shark Tank

Observing the grocery aisles led a'Shark Tank' entrepreneur to success

Combing the aisles for natural frosting isn't exactly a piece of cake, and "Shark Tank's" Heather Saffer of Dollop Gourmet can tell you that from experience.

After wandering through dozens of grocery stores, Saffer soon realized a healthier alternative to the decadent spread didn't exist, and she was most certainly fit for the job.

"That's when I knew that I needed to create a better-for-you packaged frosting," said Saffer. "The market needed this and I knew good frosting better than anyone else."

That she did — and you can see it written all over the Shark's faces on Sunday's episode of "Shark Tank." When Saffer asked for $75,000 in exchange for a 20 percent stake in her company, it didn't take long for investors to bite.

"The night of my airing I did more online sales than I had ever done before," said Saffer. "We were already in some major chains, but being on Shark Tank gave my business increased recognition and validity which was a catalyst for growth.

Saffer added: "An unexpected result of Shark Tank was the connection the show gave me to other Shark Tank entrepreneurs. I've gained this amazing community that I never had before."

Above all, the biggest lesson she learned from her time on "Shark Tank" was that perception isn't necessarily reality.

"I've heard from many entrepreneurs that they sometimes find themselves easily sucked down the rabbit hole of comparing themselves and their progress to other entrepreneurs," she said. "It's beneficial to remember that you're on your own path and own journey, and it doesn't matter what anyone else's path looks like, because theirs does not reflect nor affect your own."

Don't miss Saffer dazzle the Sharks with her guilt-free frostings on "Shark Tank" Sunday at 7P ET on CNBC.