Huawei is optimistic about the impact of A.I. on society

Key Points
  • Artificial intelligence can improve the society positively, said Qiu Heng, Huawei's President of Global Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer for the Enterprise Business Group.
Huawei: AI could help make society more equal

While there may be disruptions and a potential fallout from the widespread use of artificial intelligence — such as job losses — AI can be hugely positive, a Huawei executive said on Wednesday.

"We are optimistic about the impact of AI on society," said Qiu Heng, Huawei's president of global marketing and Chief Marketing Officer for the Enterprise Business Group.

"We think AI will help to improve production value, improve the internal management efficiency and also, it may help society become even more equal," Qiu said at CNBC's East Tech West conference in the Nansha district of Guangzhou, China.

Qiu said that at Huawei, AI is used to translate documents comprehensively rather than selectively.

The city of Shenzhen in China uses AI for traffic light management, and that has improved traffic conditions there, Qiu added. "That means in the morning, we can sleep 10 minutes more; it's very, very valuable."

In October, privately held Huawei unveiled two new artificial intelligence chips aimed at data centers and smart devices, pitting it against major silicon players including Qualcomm and Nvidia.

While some tout the benefits of AI, there have been prominent critics of the technology, including Tesla CEO Elon Musk and late physicist Stephen Hawking.

Hawking said in 2017 that the emergence of AI could be the "worst event in the history of our civilization" unless society finds a way to control its development.

In March this year, billionaire tech entrepreneur Musk called AI more dangerous than nuclear warheads and said there needs to be a regulatory body overseeing the development of super intelligence.

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