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This dog-like robot can perform inspections and work in isolated locations without the help of a human

This dog-like robot can perform equipment inspections without human...

Zurich-based ANYbotics' is testing its robot ANYmal in extreme places. A team of researchers from the University ETH Zurich are using the dog-like robot to perform tests in the underground sewage systems in Zurich. The researchers are determining if the robot could be deployed to autonomously inspect sewage systems.

ANYmal is also undergoing trials with European electricity transmission system operator TenneT. The robot is performing equipment inspections on offshore converter platforms in a remote section of the North Sea, and the company said it successfully performed tasks at 16 inspection points, including reading gauges, oil and water levels.

The robot navigates using a high-resolution camera, microphone and Lidar scanner. It can autonomously open doors and walk up stairs in any terrain. These functions make ANYmal a good candidate to do jobs that humans don't want.

This isn't the first robot to show off these skills. Boston Dynamics' Spot and SpotMini can also climb stairs and navigate autonomously. Boston Dynamics said that SpotMini will be available to purchase in 2019.

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