Buffalo Wild Wings is getting a major redesign. Here's a look inside

Buffalo Wild Wings

Your local Buffalo Wild Wings may look a little different in the near future.

The sports bar, which was acquired by Inspire Brands earlier this year, debuted its new store design this week, showcasing a sleek, modern and community-focused look.

Buffalo Wild Wings' new design includes a more prominent bar area, flexible seating areas, VIP spaces and the latest in audio and visual tech. The layout is aimed at making it easier for friends to meet at the restaurant, the company said.

Buffalo Wild Wings considers adding sports betting in restaurants
Buffalo Wild Wings considers sports betting in restaurants

The exterior of the building will feature wood, metal and brick as well as a refreshed logo bordered by a single yellow band. There will also be a dedicated entrance just for takeout orders.

Here's a look inside Buffalo Wild Wings' new locations:

The best place to watch the game

The new Buffalo Wild Wings design uses a mix of rectangular and round tables, as well as larger community tables and booths to accommodate groups of all sizes.

Surrounding the tables are large arena-like video screens with anti-glare technology. So, customers won't have to worry about the restaurant's lighting glinting off the screens and obscuring the game.

The restaurant is also equipped with LED environmental lighting that allows the location to change the colors of the lights to suit different sports teams.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Saddle up to the bar

The central bar is made from recycled basketball courts. It will have two rows of beer taps and a more extensive collection of spirits to mix up a wider array of cocktails.

Whether customers sit at the bar or at community tables, they will have a good view of the game.

Buffalo Wild Wings

The MVP lounge

You have to be 21 or older to access Buffalo Wild Wings' new MVP room.

This new area has two 80-inch televisions, a 60-inch television, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo gaming consoles and, in some cases, six self-pour beer taps.

"This space really serves as three experience functions: private viewing, gaming and local activation," Luke DeRouen, vice president of brand experience and activation at Buffalo Wild Wings, said. "The local experience will be different for every community, and that's exactly what we want. We now have an ideal spot to host local radio remotes and coaches' shows, as well as an area for the local high school star to sign his letter of intent to play college ball."

Buffalo Wild Wings

All about community

The dining area is designed to be a flexible space with a mix of booths, single tables and larger community-style tables.

"We wanted to have a big variation of seating and allow guests to pull tables together as they please," said Jim Cannon, senior vice president of design, architecture and construction for Inspire Brands.

Buffalo Wild Wings

The patio

Another place to watch the big game is the patio. The area has roll-up garage doors and accordion glass doors that can be opened for guests to wander in and out of the restaurant or be closed off for private events.

Buffalo Wild Wings

The dugout

The waiting area is now called the dugout. This space has seating in the shape of bleachers and allows guests to have a place to sit while they wait for a table to open up.

"The dugout is a great space for guests to grab a drink, sit on the bleachers and watch the game while they wait," DeRouen, said. "On a big night — like a UFC fight or a primetime NFL game — the bleachers transform from a cool waiting spot to one of the best seats in the bar."

Buffalo Wild Wings