Willow unveils a new version of its smart breast pump

A first look at the new and updated Willow breast pump
A first look at the new and updated Willow breast pump

The Willow breast pump was one of the most talked about products at CES in 2017, since it was unlike any device of its kind. It's a wearable, quiet and hands free breast pump that fits inside your bra.

The company has just unveiled the Willow 2.0 at CES, which is an updated and improved version of its first pump.

I got to test out the original Willow pump when I was breastfeeding my daughter last year. I had a great experience using the pump, but there was a steep learning curve and it took a while to figure out the proper alignment. Plus, there were some reports of users getting injured because they weren't able to see what they were doing.

Willow fixed this with the new version of the pump since it's now transparent with a clear flange. Pumping moms will now be able to see how the pump aligns on their nipple and also can watch the milk flow. Before, the only way to see how much milk was flowing was to watch on the app. Moms will now be able to use the pump without the app.

The Willow 2.0 has a clear flange to make pumping and allignment easier for the mom

In the 2.0 version the flange also quickly snaps on to the pump using magnets, so it's much easier to use. This is another big improvement from the first generation pump since the original flange felt a bit flimsy to me.

Unfortunately, if you have an original Willow pump, you cannot use the new flange with the older pump. And you still need the expensive bags in order to use the device. I hope the company eventually comes out with a version that doesn't require the bags.

Another high-tech smart pump is also being unveiled at CES this year from a British company called Elvie.


The Elvie pump won a Babylist "Best of Baby Tech" award at CES this year and it's another wearable breast pump that fits inside your bra.

Both the Willow 2.0 and the Elvie pump will be shipping in the U.S. in February, and both are priced at $499.

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The breast pump got a high-tech upgrade and it's a game changer
Willow breast pump is a game changer for breastfeeding moms