Shark Tank

A 'Shark Tank' entrepreneur pitches his bike-blending smoothie bar

Key Points
  • On "Shark Tank," Ryan Carpenter pitched his pedal-powered superfood bar, touting the concept as an interactive experience worth investing in.
  • Carpenter asked for $50,000 in exchange for 15 percent stake in his company.

With cycling adventures like bike beer tours or trendy workout classes at the peak of popularity,  it was only a matter of time before a wide-eyed entrepreneur with a wild idea would create...a bike-blending smoothie bar. 

Ryan Carpenter, founder of Moberi, touted his pedal-powered superfood shop as a unique interactive experience that's worth investing in. First, he had to convince the deep pocketed investors on "Shark Tank." In hopes of getting the healthy company on the map, Carpenter asked the 'Sharks' for $50,000, in exchange for a 15 percent stake in his company.

Of course, what good is a bike-blending smoothie bar without the first-hand experience? Carpenter recruited Mark Cuban and Daymond John to hop on the bikes and spin their way to blending fresh smoothies. Judging by the reactions, the taste was impeccable.

The concept, on the other hand, was questionable.

"Okay Ryan, quick question. Are you nuts?" Kevin O'Leary asked.

Ditching the good old-fashioned blender for a bike isn't technically traditional for a smoothie bar, but Carpenter assured the Sharks that the process is fun and quirky, yet still effective.

"Ryan, this is so crazy …. that it might actually be brilliant," Robert Herjavec said.

The following turn of events were unexpected to say the least, as logistics about the bikes came into play. Luckily Carpenter spent ample time preparing for the Sharks' reactions before he pitched them.

"I'll be honest, it was stressful getting ready … not knowing how they were going to treat you," Carpenter said. "But to do it over again? I would definitely do that. I have no regrets at all."

In regard to where the company stands today, Carpenter reported that Moberi will be opening its fourth brick-and-mortar location in Portland, Oregon.

Don't miss Carpenter pitch Moberi on "Shark Tank" Sunday at 6P ET on CNBC.