The World Record Egg on Instagram could make its creator millions as marketers chase its viral success

Key Points
  • According to a report by The Atlantic, marketers are already seeking the opportunity to help brands crack out of the World Record Egg.
  • Some marketers compared the value of the opportunity to a Super Bowl advertisement.
  • As of Thursday, the original account has 9.6 million followers.
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Marketing agencies are scrambling for the potentially million-dollar opportunity to work with the World Record Egg.

Yes, that's the egg that claimed the most Instagram likes ever, beating out Kylie Jenner who later cracked an egg on the sidewalk in spite. The account, which has 9.6 million followers as of Thursday and literally just features pictures of an egg, is now hot real estate for advertisers looking to reach a massive audience.

"Being the first brand to crack out of the egg is worth at least $10 million," VaynerMedia's head of direct-to-consumer business Nik Sharma told The Atlantic. The opportunity could be even more valuable than advertising in this week's main event for marketers, as Sharma said he would guide clients "to spend on the egg instead of the Super Bowl."

Jerry Media, the social media marketing firm that helped promote the Fyre Festival, claimed to be working with the anonymous creator of the World Record Egg account in an unofficial capacity when it approached a nonprofit about a proposal, The Atlantic reported. The agency reportedly proposed to a group called Need to Impeach that the egg, which has been posted with more and more cracks over the past few weeks, could eventually crack to reveal the words "Impeach Trump."

While the nonprofit ultimately passed, the egg has inspired many copycat accounts and even a platform claiming to know how to contact the original account owner to "collaborate," though it does not link to the correct account, The Atlantic reported.

For what it's worth, the egg seems to have an eye toward social issues. Jerry Media's CEO told The Atlantic it was interested in working with the nonprofit for "noncommercial reasons," and the account has sold merchandise that donates a cut of profits to mental health charities.

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