Shark Tank

Nearly five years after its 'Shark Tank' debut, here's how The Bouqs Company is doing today

Key Points
  • On "Shark Tank" John Tabis pitched his farm-to-table online flower delivery service, The Bouqs Company.
  • Tabis asked for $258,000 in exchange for a 3 percent stake in his company.

It's the little things in life that count — like getting a fresh bouquet of red roses sent to your front door. When two friends, John Tabis and Juan Pablo Montufar, noticed issues in the quality of flowers within the floral industry, they set out to create an online farm-to-table flower delivery service that would revolutionize the way people celebrate special occasions.

The Bouqs Company delivers directly to customers, ensuring only the freshest flowers reach their doorsteps. Eleven months after its launch, Tabis went on "Shark Tank," pitching the unique e-commerce site as a much better alternative to your average flower shop.

"Some of the roses will last in your home for three weeks," Tabis said on "Shark Tank." Tabis and his science-savvy partner, Montufar, have a proprietary process they use to hydrate the flowers, as well as shipping the flowers just 4 or 5 days after they've been cut.

The Sharks were impressed with the quality, but not by the six-day delivery period.

"John, the average guy doesn't realize it's his wife's birthday until that morning," Robert Herjavec said.

With overnight shipping launching just three weeks later, Tabis was able to offer a quick solution to Herjavec's criticism.

"I want to address the name of your business," Barbara Corcoran said later. "I think it's a terrible name."

Tabis was prepared for feedback, saying that entrepreneurs know the need to develop a thick skin. "It's important to take any and all criticism and rejection and turn it into a motivator to continue to build and grow the best business as possible."

Taking his own advice, Tabis and Montufar continued to build a flower empire, only to get an unexpected call from Robert Herjavec himself three years later.

"Robert Herjavec reached out to me to ask if we could do the flowers for his upcoming wedding," Tabis said.

Nearly five years after its "Shark Tank" debut, The Bouqs Company has secured $55 million in funding, grown to 80 employees, moved into a new office in Marina del Rey, California, and introduced new product categories.

Tabis' advice to budding entrepreneurs: "Don't be afraid to take risks. If you have an idea that you genuinely believe in and that you think will make a difference in the world, then give it everything you have!"

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