Dwayne Johnson just dropped his latest Under Armour ad campaign for Project Rock

Dwayne Johnson in a promotional picture for Under Armour
Under Armour

Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson has just launched a new range of gym wear as part of his Project Rock collection for the sports brand Under Armour.

The "Bend Boundaries" collection launched Thursday with a series of videos showing Johnson working out in his gym. The campaign focuses on how the clothing range could "withstand everything the hardest worker in the room could throw at them," according to an online release.

Johnson started his partnership with Under Armour in January 2016 and a Project Rock 1 sneaker released in May 2018 sold out in less than 24 hours. The new collection includes cut-off t-shirts and sleeveless hoodies and also features skier and Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn, wearing the brand's Phantom Project Rock sneakers and t-shirt.

Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn in an ad campaign for Under Armour, released in March 2019
Under Armour

Johnson said in a release emailed to CNBC: "This one's for the hardest workers in the room. The disruptors who outwork all competition and also make weird savage grunts while training."

The wrestler-turned-actor's deal with Under Armour was ranked the best-matched celebrity-brand partnership in fashion and retail in August, ahead of deals between model Winnie Harlow and Tommy Hilfiger and Reese Witherspoon's endorsement of homeware store Crate and Barrel.

Produced by research company Spotted, the ranking rated celebrity endorsements out of 100, taking into account factors such as public perception, whether the star's audience overlaps with the brand's in terms of age, gender, income and location, and how risky a celebrity's behavior might be.