Some say 5G will cause cancer, but here's why scientists say we do not need to worry

Is 5G safe? Here's what science says
Is 5G safe? Here's what science says

You are being exposed to radiation right now. It's coming at you from both space and the soil. From water and food. Your body itself is radioactive. And you're being exposed to microwaves and radio waves, both natural and human-made. WiFi. TV. Radio stations. Cellphones. 3G, 4G and now, 5G.

And 5G is just getting started. Qualcomm, Samsung, Verizon, LG, Sprint and more are working to build out the 5G ecosystem.

But there is a growing fear that 5G will cause all kinds of health problems, including cancer. Watch the video to hear why scientific consensus says we have nothing to worry about.