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Josh Brown: The power of compounding can help you double your money, again and again

How to double your money in the market

One of my favorite things to do when I talk to investors is show them how compounding works.

The look on people's faces never disappoints. But demonstrating the rapid growth of dollars is more than just a parlor trick. It's one of the most important concepts that investors need to learn — the younger they are when they learn it, the better.

In a typical public school curriculum, children are taught geometry, trigonometry, fractions, decimals and algebra.

But when I show they how money can double in an investment, again and again during the course of their lives, they're still blown away.

Especially when I explain that time is a better friend to the investor than experience, connections, expertise, or even research.

And yet so few people seem to have a good grasp of the power of compounding. So I hit the streets of New York to spread the word!

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Josh Brown: How to double your money