Comcast says it won't buy spectrum from T-Mobile and Sprint if merger goes through

Key Points
  • T-Mobile and Sprint have agreed to sell Boost Mobile as a way to reduce their overall market share in an attempt to push through their merger.
  • A Comcast spokesperson says Friday it is not interested in a spectrum deal.
  • Amazon, however, is interested in potentially buying Boost Mobile, according to sources who spoke to Reuters.
Brian Roberts, chairman and chief executive officer of Comcast Corp.
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Comcast is not interested in a spectrum deal from T-Mobile and Sprint if the companies merge, according to a company spokesperson. The company is also uninterested in a deal for Boost Mobile, an industry source told CNBC.

"We do not have an interest in acquiring divested spectrum from the Sprint [and] T-Mobile transaction," the Comcast spokesperson said in a statement. Wireless spectrum is the radio frequencies that carry voice and data.

The announcement eliminates one possible buyer for the Boost Mobile brand. T-Mobile and Sprint agreed to sell the brand as part of their deal with the Federal Communications Commission to approve their $26 billion merger. The sale of Boost Mobile, which lets customers pay for mobile service at the beginning of the month without passing a credit check, would reduce the merged company's market share. The U.S. Department of Justice must still approve the deal for the merger to go through.

Reuters reported on Thursday that Amazon is interested in potentially buying Boost, citing sources familiar with the matter. Amazon would also consider buying any spectrum from the companies, Reuters reported.

Boost's founder, Peter Adderton, said in a May 23 interview on CNBC he would consider buying back the brand if the merged company gave it a good wholesale deal.

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